Material Planning Webinar

Whether you run a small custom job-shop, or have thousands of items in inventory, you can’t ship what you didn’t make, and you can’t make if you don’t have ALL the materials required. Those “materials” may be a simple 4 cent bolt, or an internally assembled “Subassembly” with a 9 month leadtime needed for final assembly and testing before shipping to the client.
In either case, it is imperative to know what you need, and when you need it, through all levels of the build / Bill of Materials. Traditional MRP helps somewhat, but most companies have people dedicated to managing the “gazinta’s” – manually poring through ERP reports or spreadsheets to make sure whatever “goes into” a higher level assembly will be available for when it’s going to be needed.
Join us for this free webinar to learn a new approach used by manufacturing companies making to order, or making to stock – or a hybrid of both – to make sure they always have the right material in the right quantities at the right time.