Workshop Topic:
A return material authorization (RMA), return authorization (RA) or return goods authorization (RGA) is a part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement, or repair.

Why Use:
Return Material Authorizations allows the ability to track request for returns, by customer and product. Quality issues can be identified during the RMA process.

Workshop Description (2 hours):
During this session, the attendees will learn how to process an RMA from the entry of the RMA to shipment back to the customer. The session will cover the process of creating Evaluation RMA’s and converting to a Credit RMA, a Replace RMA and a Repair RMA for Customer Orders that shipped from VISUAL.

Who Should Attend:
Customer Service, Inventory Management, Production and Finance.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to create RMA’s within the VISUAL application.

Workshop Prerequisite:
The customer must have a recent copy of their DB restored to a test environment. This environment must be accessible by both the instructor and attendees.

Attendees should have computers with access to the restored back-up, as indicated above, projector and projector screen or a video monitor large enough for all attendees to see.

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