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Royal Products News: Royal Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.

Royal Products News: Royal Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.

05/16/14- ROYAL Products News: ROYAL Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.


Hauppauge, NY – On May 16th, 2014 Royal Products of Hauppauge, NY held a Visual ERP Seminar, entitled “Showcasing Achievements, Leveraging the Visual ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and Synergy Resources expertise.” For over 60 years, Royal Products has been designing and building precision metalworking accessories to help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools.

royal products warehouse tour

Chris Jakubowsky (left) VP of Operations  leads the seminar discussions and tour of the Royal warehouse and shop floor as he demonstrates the results of the Visual ERP software tools coupled with the Synergy Resources business consulting efforts.

Teaming-up with Synergy Resources, (a professional business improvement services firm) which has helped Royal with employee procedures and training for the world class Visual ERP software.

Royal demonstrated the uses, benefits, and successful results during the last 3+ years of operations. Attended by 10 people from 4 companies from a wide variety of industries, the seminar presented an educational and enlightening approach toward streamlining business processes with the capabilities of the Visual ERP software tools, strategic best practices consulting and hard work.

“Royal Products firmly believes in continuous improvement, that’s why we partner with Synergy, it enables us to continue learning and expand our capabilities. It’s a challenge to stay competitive in the worldwide market, especially from Long Island. That’s why we need the Synergy advantage. Getting the latest techniques and tools are key to improve the operations and remain competitive. These improvements have allowed us to grow without increasing the amount of support staff,” said Chris Jakubowsky. “Holding our costs allows us to be more competitive and win in the marketplace”.

it manages presentation

Kathy Burns (right), IT manager for ROYAL said they have a very complex business, both a full manufacturing company and full distribution operation, filling same day distributor orders, across the globe. Visual is integrated with a WMS system to support its real time pick, pack and shipping operation. Royal’s customer base is with industrial manufacturing industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Automotive. The Visual ERP system is “flexible off-the-shelf so it allows us to run our business in multiple ways to handle the work more efficiently for each customer’s unique  requirement.” ROYAL  is  an ISO9001 certified and registered firm, with proven track record of performance excellence.

Chris Jakubowsky added that Royal’s specific needs for the Visual ERP system were to manage and improve the operational business needs of the company.

“Visual ERP is a truly integrated system from the sales quote to production. We’ve been aligning our processes and tools so that everyone is integrated and using the ERP allowing for more efficient and productive results,” said Chris Jakubowsky. Royal has been able to continually improve and shorten its order fulfillment time, while increasing the order throughput significantly.

ROYAL likes its ability to have shop workers run several jobs at the same time, and Visual ERP has the sophisticated capabilities to correctly allocate the labor/time across several jobs, and Visual  tracks  and  insures  we  can  maintain profitability. Attendees took advantage of the event, asking Kathy Burns to explain the system’s ease of use and deep functional capabilities, while also answering a wide array of process questions.

Over the years since Visual was implemented, ROYAL steadily increased output, with virtually no added administration costs, remaining fiercely competitive, in a very competitive marketplace.


ROYAL Products. Hauppauge, NY

royal products office

ROYAL Products America’s Leading Manufacturer of Metalworking Performance Accessories. Royal Products makes performance accessories that improve their customers manufacturing effectiveness, capabilities and competitiveness. The event reiterated the mission statements of the firm;

  • We help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools.
  • We would rather explain price once, than to have to apologize for poor quality time and time again. Quality is the key to everyone’s success.

Royal  Products,  an  ISO  9001  registered  company,  is  an  active  member  of  the  following professional associations: AMTDA, AMT, and ISA.

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