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Manufacturers: What Can You Expect from a Synergy Resources ERP Implementation?

Manufacturers: What Can You Expect from a Synergy Resources ERP Implementation?

Part 1 of a 2-Part Series:

We recently held an interview with Synergy Resources’ Matt Morgan and Bob Wotherspoon about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation best practices. The discussion highlights how Synergy Resources empowers ERP end users to achieve success.

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Q: Why should customers choose Synergy Resources?

Bob: Selecting the right ERP for your manufacturing business is important but the execution – how you actually use the software to improve your business – is more important.

Here’s an analogy. You’ve just bought a new set of golf clubs. As much as you think it will, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to shoot par the next round you play. Most new golfers need someone who can show them how to use the clubs. There’s a nurturing and learning process that every great player must go through. Showing you how to shoot par or better is what Synergy Resources does for its customers!

Matt: What Bob said is true. Synergy Resources is about much more than ERP software! We’re all about improving the customer’s overall business performance. The customer is making a significant investment. We show the customers how to get the most out of their ERP investment.

Q: Talk about the resources that Synergy Resources has available for new ERP implementations.

Matt: Our new projects implementation team consists of twelve experienced, highly-qualified professionals. When needed, there are an additional twelve professionals who can be drawn from the Continuous Improvement team. Including myself, Synergy Resources has twenty five professionals who are available to help our customers implement their ERP applications.

Beyond that, Synergy Resources has another twenty five technical consultants on staff including network, data, development and programming specialists. As you can see, Synergy Resources has a sizeable, multi-layered and talented bench of people to draw from.

Q: Are there any special considerations made when putting together the customer’s implementation team?

Matt: There would be considerations made around the customer’s application. For example, if the customer had purchased the Quality module then we would assign a Quality specialist to the project. We would assign any other application specialists, as warranted.

Q: Who is the customer’s contact during a Synergy Resources implementation?

Matt: As the advising Director on new implementations, my role is overseeing the team and staying in close contact with the customer. Throughout the project, I stay in constant contact with the executive sponsor – that’s whoever’s name is on the dotted line. That person is usually the President, Owner or COO. Typically, the executive sponsor is not involved in the day to day project but his or her personal sponsorship of the project is critical to our success.

Q: Presumably, the business solutions team would have gathered valuable information about the customer during the sales cycle. How is that information shared with the implementation team?

Bob: Internally, Synergy Resources has a hand-off meeting between our sales people, project leaders and consulting staff. As a solutions consultant, I might say, ‘Here’s what my discovery notes say. Here’s what the customer purchased. Here’s a list of important issues to be aware of’. And so on.

Our sales team provides as much information as we possibly can. We want to help our implementation team be well-prepared. After all, they’ll be delivering the customer’s training and education. We want to help our people hit the ground running when they walk in the customer’s door.

Q: How does the implementation project start?

Matt: Within several days of signing the ERP contract, the very first customer contact is a welcome call to the executive sponsor. We review the project together. The purpose is to acclimate the executive sponsor to the implementation process and explain what the customer will be soon experiencing. We talk about what they should expect: ‘Here are the team members who will be assigned to your project. Here’s what to expect over the next following weeks’.

It’s important to reach out right away. Implementing a new ERP requires a partnership. We don’t ever want to leave the customer in a lurch, feeling like, ‘Ok I’ve signed. Now what? Why don’t they call?’  The imperative is to stay customer-focused at all times!

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Authored by:
Thomas M. Birdwell, III

Birdwell International

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Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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