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Start Your Journey to a Successful Manufacturing ERP Implementation

Start Your Journey to a Successful Manufacturing ERP Implementation

Irrespective of the kind of manufacturing business operations you are into, ERP implementation brings with it a lot of criticality that must be dealt with on priority. By criticality, we mean factors such as cost, ROI, managing the entire project in the organization, commitment and support from the leaders of the business entity.

Undoubtedly, deploying ERP is a major change for any organization. However, it does not have to be a painful move. When planned and executed in a proper manner, ERP implementation can be smoothened out to improve efficiency across all verticals in a manufacturing business.

As a competent ERP software provider, at Synergy Resources, we often meet corporate representatives who have made unsuccessful attempts at deploying ERP software in their company. We have found in most cases that the following reasons lead to the failure of ERP:

  • Poor choice of ERP software

  • Lack of planning

  • Top management not involved in the process

  • Projects lack momentum

  • Inaccurate data

  • Lack of training and development

  • Deficiencies in the project not taken care of

Thus, we can say that successful ERP implementation in any manufacturing business requires the utmost planning, coordination and commitment at all levels in the business organization.

Here’s how to implement ERP successfully in any organization:

  • Plan ahead – Even before you select the software, plan out the overhead costs, technical requirements and the changes that will be required in the internal processes that are already underway. Unplanned changes can work out to be too expensive and may lead to failure as well. 
  • Select the best ERP software – it all starts here! Choose the best ERP software that you want to implement. Contact the Synergy Resources team in case you need help on this. Your knowledge, coupled with our expertise is sure to get you the best applicable ERP software for your company. Be it VISUAL ERP Extensions, VISUAL ERP Scheduling or VISUAL ERP Quality; you must work with us to know how each can impact your business! 
  • Set realistic goals – ERP software such as VISUAL ERP can help streamline the manufacturing process, improve transparency, reduce costs and bring out a positive change in the way a manufacturing business functions across the entire entity. However, this will not happen overnight! To create a seamless business environment, an organization must be willing to invest time and other important resources such as – workforce, IT equipment, ERP software training and implementation; all of which must be planned with a timeline to follow. 
  • Strong project management – Ensure that your resources are in order before implementing an ERP solution across your business. Unless this is done, the ERP implementation may fail due to overworked employees and poor implementation strategy; leading to utter failure of the ERP. Designate a project manager, involve the senior management and involve all employees in the implementation process, even if they are given smaller responsibilities.

Following the above practices is sure to result in the successful deployment of the ERP software in your company. Also what’s important is how genuinely the service provider is involved with your ERP project! The team at Synergy Resources will be there for you at every stage of ERP implementation. Right from offering expert consultations to working on each step of the implementation, we will assist you completely.

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

WM Synergy Online Workshops provide an advanced, cost-effective, and efficient way to support employee training and development needs. Our courses are instructor-led interactive sessions that enable our customers to collaborate with peers and experts via web-delivered sessions.