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Synergy Announces Leadership Realignment in VISUAL Business Unit

Synergy Announces Leadership Realignment in VISUAL Business Unit
Growth Through Synergy

At Synergy Resources, our commitment to your success has never been stronger, and as such, we’re always looking for opportunities to deliver even better on our promise of excellence. This quarter, that focus has meant expanding and realigning our services team to better serve the needs of our VISUAL customers.

Fresh Talent to Enhance Our Leadership

Brent Blackmon – Executive Vice President of VISUAL Product & Professional Services

Brent’s attitude of servant leadership and extensive track record with customer quality care and improvement programs aligns perfectly with our vision for continuous improvement.

Lee Stallworthy – Director of VISUAL Application Consulting

Lee is a strategic technology leader with 20+ years of experience with successful full-scope project management; Lee delivers results on time and within budget.

Familiar Faces in New Roles

Special congratulations to Dan and Paul as they are taking their next career steps with us.

Dan Telep – Director of VISUAL Canadian Operations & Business Development

With his track record for successful ERP implementations over the past 20 years and his entrepreneurial drive, Dan is a clear choice to serve our manufacturing clients in Canada.

Paul Kluepfel – Director of VISUAL Software Engineering & Technical Services

Paul is well known for his practical knowledge of software architecture and his ability to find the quickest and most effective ways to solve business problems using technology, while speaking in terms our customers understand!

What This Means for Our VISUAL Customers

The reorganization of our VISUAL products and services divisions is designed to make collaboration even more seamless and ensure we achieve ALL our collective goals for customer experience.

Growth and change go hand in hand, and we are excited to continue elevating service through Synergy.

If you have any questions, please contact Synergy’s customer care team at

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