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Synergy Driving Performance Improvement

Synergy Driving Performance Improvement

Synergy uses LEAN/TOC/SixSigma principles in conjunction with implementing ERP to drive performance improvement throughout the company.

Below are two articles from a new Synergy customer’s employee newsletter, one in February, the second in March.  They actually created their own internal logo to generate enthusiasm, buy-in and excitement in their company.  Look at the picture of their conference room with all the process mapping complete.   Even before their ERP software is installed on their network, they can already see how it will be used to support their new processes that will drive improvement in their business’ performance in a big way!

Process Mapping Underway with Synergy Resources

Our journey to replace MAX with VISUAL has begun! Already dozens of employees have been involved in the process mapping phase. This is where our consultant from Synergy Resources creates a map of every single step we perform to complete a process, such as issuing a quote to a customer (you might not believe how many separate steps this takes and how many documents we print along the way!). For each process, employees who provide inputs to that process, handle the process, and are at the next stage – i.e. the “customer” of the process, are included in the all-day sessions. Next, we identify approximately how long the “current” process takes in days (or hours). Then the fun begins!

The next step is to outline what we would like the “future state” to look like. And it’s amazing to see how many individual steps we think we can cut out and how much time will be saved. Along the way, our employees are identifying opportunities for improvement that may not need to wait for the software implementation and/or could be considered as continuous improvement ideas for the future. Once everything is reviewed and approved, the folks at Synergy will use the current and future state process maps to set up the new software for us and we will create some Kaizen events to brainstorm ideas on what improvements we can make now, and along the way. An example of a Kaizen event might be to look at the Expedite process – the way we currently ask for estimated or requested ship dates.

We have about 3 more weeks of process mapping ahead. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful and for taking the time necessary to complete the process maps. Together, we’re turning over a new leaf with VISUAL. Successful implementation using Lean principles, will lead to Green in 2014…in the form of increased sales and profitability! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Our project leader and I will be coordinating the continuous improvement opportunities. Feel free to ask either of us questions any time.



Visual Employee Kick-off Meeting

Process mapping is complete! Check out all the hard work of our Process Owners in the conference room photo below and come learn more about what Visual ERP will do for [our company] at the employee kick-off meeting this Thursday at 9:00am in the cafeteria. Refreshments will be served.


Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

WM Synergy Online Workshops provide an advanced, cost-effective, and efficient way to support employee training and development needs. Our courses are instructor-led interactive sessions that enable our customers to collaborate with peers and experts via web-delivered sessions.