Modern Distribution ERP Designed for Wholesalers

Wholesale distribution companies of all sizes face similar global challenges, including rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories, and fluctuations in the supply chain. The best ERP software for wholesale distributors improves business speed, agility, and performance by providing accurate, real-time information and actionable insights.

Acumatica’s ERP software provides best-in-class tools to manage inventory levels, sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing. The system is fully integrated to streamline your business processes and store all your critical information in one secure location. This top-shelf Cloud ERP distribution software provides anytime, anywhere access from any device to ensure flexibility, efficiency, and continuity of operations.

Customer Stories

Acumatica has been a game-changer. It’s made a huge difference in how we do things, how we can access everything we need from anywhere, and allowed our salespeople to work remotely.

Hector Pinto, CEO and Co-Founder
Quality Material Handling, Inc.

When global supply chain problems caused prices on every widget that we sell to flux, we had to be nimble and quickly get replacement costs into the system overnight. Acumatica was able to handle that.

Keith Ford, President
Eagle Fence Distributing

Acumatica has completely changed our business. I just look in the accounting system and all the information from the sales is in there… For our business that’s a big deal.

Ronald Krieger, Chief Financial Officer
Consolidated West Distributing
Why We Recommend Acumatica as the Best ERP for Distribution Companies
icon Reduce order times and keep customers happy

Reduce order times and keep customers happy

Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating delays with automated sales order processing and shipping order generation. Set rules for warehouse management across multiple locations including returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and more.

icon Know the state of your business at all times

Know the state of your business at all times

Improve visibility and decision-making across the supply chain. Access real-time, consolidated reports across financials and inventory. Ensure a steady supply of materials by optimizing and automating your purchasing process.

icon Measure inventory YOUR way for better control

Measure inventory YOUR way for better control

Value your inventory using standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item-specific methods. Select a different valuation method for each inventory item. Make direct adjustments to costs and physical inventory counts using reports and inquiry screens.

See information sheet on <span>Acumatica’s ERP software for distributors</span>

See information sheet on Acumatica’s ERP software for distributors

Rated #1 in Ease of Use & Customer Satisfaction

<span>Optimize Inventory Management</span>

Optimize Inventory Management

  • Automate forecasting and demand replenishment for lower inventory levels, higher efficiency, and reduced costs
  • Manage processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs
<span>Streamline Sales Orders</span>

Streamline Sales Orders

  • Reduce order times and minimize costs by optimizing the way you quote, enter, and fill orders
  • Set rules to manage complexities such as multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, and drop shipments
  • Connect directly to eCommerce websites to reach more markets and eliminate double entry
<span>Enhance Purchasing</span>

Enhance Purchasing

  • Minimize costs and ensure a steady supply of materials and automatically shop the best shipping rates
  • Maintain vendor scorecards and history to reward reliable suppliers and identify bottlenecks
<span>See and Control Costs</span>

See and Control Costs

  • Determine real-time profitability by warehouse, product line, location, or business unit in this ERP for wholesale distribution
  • Use accurate information and consolidated reports for financials and inventory to control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain
<span>Automate Cross-Company Transactions</span>

Automate Cross-Company Transactions

  • Streamline cross-company buy-sell transactions by automatically creating a sales order in one company from a purchase order in another company in the same tenant

Acumatica ERP for Distributors Offers Seamless Integration with Software You Use Today

Why Work with WM Synergy to Select and Implement Your Distribution ERP Software?

WM Synergy’s Professional Services team offers a hands-on approach to measurable and sustainable performance improvement for wholesale distributors.

icon Industry Best Practices Based on Deep Expertise

Industry Best Practices Based on Deep Expertise

Our team of experts leverages a vast amount of industry experience and knowledge to help you uplevel your operations.

icon ERP Software Optimization for Rapid Time-to-Value

ERP Software Optimization for Rapid Time-to-Value

Our applications specialists apply the right features & functions for your unique business while our phased implementation approach delivers quick wins and ensures success.

icon Measurable Enhancement in Business Performance

Measurable Enhancement in Business Performance

Our business and technical assessments, training programs, and workshops deliver performance improvement that accelerates growth for your organization.

icon Continuous Improvement for Long-Term Value

Continuous Improvement for Long-Term Value

Our Continuous Improvement team delivers dramatic results with their Kaizen events, helping you sustain success and capture competitive advantage in the marketplace.