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Manufacturing operations and processes have never been harder to manage. Fluctuations in demand, complex parts and materials inventories, and supply chain disruption keep everyone guessing about the path forward. The best ERP for manufacturing gives you better visibility and actionable insights in real time to support agile, responsive business operations.

Acumatica’s ERP manufacturing software provides flexible tools to improve profitability, reduce costs, and make the most of available resources. This modular suite of connected applications spans production, engineering, materials planning, estimating, scheduling, and much more. With data and analytics providing meaningful insights, manufacturing companies can rise to the challenges of today by streamlining processes across the organization.

Customer Stories

With Acumatica, it feels like they bring 110 percent of what we need because they bring integration, ideas, and automation. Acumatica is bringing functionality to the small/medium business sector that was out of reach budget-wise four years ago.

Scott Starkweather, President
Boulder Creek Stone

We were looking for something that gave us as many options as possible. Our company today won’t be the same five years from now. We’re not stagnant; not locked into policies, procedures, or software. Everything we do is with the long-term perspective in mind, and we need an ERP system that can evolve with us.

Franklin Shiraki, CFO
Firewire Surfboards

The fact that Acumatica offers an unlimited user license was important to us a company that’s looking to grow because it allows us to expand without having to contact the vendor and renegotiate for new users. We can just keep the business moving.

Steve Cates, President
Ray Allen Manufacturing
Why We Recommend Acumatica’s ERP Software for Manufacturing
icon Manage manufacturing processes from end-to-end

Manage manufacturing processes from end-to-end

From design through production, you can oversee and manage everything from revisions and engineering change orders to scheduling and shipping. See all your critical operations data in one system to improve business speed & agility.

icon Take a lean approach to supply and demand

Take a lean approach to supply and demand

Create just-in-time replenishment suggestions from existing supply and demand for cost-effective inventory control that improves cash flow. Use forecasting and analytics to optimize materials planning.

icon Improve accuracy in costing and communication

Improve accuracy in costing and communication

Achieve accurate, real-time job-costing from the shop floor to the back office and safeguard profitability with better estimating. Improve communication across internal and external stakeholders with automatic notifications that keep visibility and accountability high while enabling collaboration.

See information sheet on <span>Acumatica’s manufacturing ERP system</span>

See information sheet on Acumatica’s manufacturing ERP system

Rated #1 in Ease of Use & Customer Satisfaction

<span>Optimize Production Processes</span>

Optimize Production Processes

  • Increase manufacturing efficiency by connecting data, systems, and processes in one scalable manufacturing ERP software platform
  • Optimize inventory, collaborate with suppliers, get materials on time, and meet schedules with time-phased MRP
<span>Satisfy Customer Demand</span>

Satisfy Customer Demand

  • Connect estimating, product configuration, and order processing with your CRM system to keep customers informed on the progress and status of their orders
  • Reduce cycle times for manufacturing to fulfill orders faster while maintaining or improving product quality
<span>Create Cost Efficiencies</span>

Create Cost Efficiencies

  • Implement best practices around backflushing and barcoding to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce waste
  • Manage vendors with history and scorecards to cultivate strong, reliable supplier relationships with enhanced collaboration and avoid supply chain bottlenecks
<span>Make Data Driven Decisions</span>

Make Data Driven Decisions

  • Leverage real-time data for business intelligence and visualize information user-friendly dashboards (predefined and custom configurations)
  • Be alerted to proactively address machine downtime, overages on cost or time, risk of stock outs, and other metrics critical for production

Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Manufacturing System Integrates with Software You Use Today

Why Work with WM Synergy for ERP Implementation in Manufacturing Environments?

WM Synergy’s Professional Services team is with you each step of the way to ensure measurable and sustainable performance improvement.

icon Decades of Direct Experience Serving Manufacturing Companies

Decades of Direct Experience Serving Manufacturing Companies

Our team of experts leverage decades of deep industry experience and knowledge to help you uplevel your operations and support growth.

icon ERP Software Optimization for Rapid Time-to-Value

ERP Software Optimization for Rapid Time-to-Value

Our applications specialists take a phased implementation approach to rolling out the ideal features & functions for your business to avoid pitfalls & accelerate time to value.

icon Measurable Enhancement in Manufacturing Operations

Measurable Enhancement in Manufacturing Operations

Our detailed technical and business assessments, live training programs, and workshops provide knowledge sharing with undeniable impact.

icon Ongoing Improvement for Long-Term Value Year over Year

Ongoing Improvement for Long-Term Value Year over Year

Kaizen and other events delivered by our Continuous Improvement team create dramatic results, giving you a competitive edge and helping you sustain success.