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How VISUAL ERP can Benefit a Manufacturing Business

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, in simple terms, aims to integrate various functions or verticals across a business onto a common computer system. This system is designed to meet the specific needs of each vertical individually and as a whole. ERP’s gained prominence in the late 90’s and have developed exponentially over the last decade or so.
Today, ERP software supports organizations of all sizes and domains, producing real-time cross-departmental statistics and automated reports. What started as back-office operation streamlining in most organizations, now plays a vital role in every aspect of business operations. Whether it’s accounting functions, IT management, warehousing, or customer services; there’s ERP software to meet your every need.

Here, let’s talk about VISUAL ERP manufacturing software, and how it can help in a manufacturing business.

Let’s start by listing down the key deliverables of a new-age garment manufacturing business:

  • Management of multi-currency, multi-language and local, legal and financial requirements
  • A centralized access to all data and all departments
  • Digital & intellectual asset management
  • Smooth communication between local vendors, suppliers and overseas business associates
  • Smooth workflow management and work allocation
  • Cost-management without any errors
  • Streamlined manual operations on the production floor
  • Inventory management
  • Product planning, development and marketing
  • Delivery to warehouses and clients

The above list is just indicative and the deliverables garment business companies may vary.

How does VISUAL ERP help?

This software acts as the intelligent brain of an optimally managed business! VISUAL uses a common database to facilitate an integrated view of a manufacturing business. It uses a common database to track various business verticals such as cash inflow, raw material management, manufacturing capability, order management and more. It allows efficient integration of all business elements across the business in a manner that the information is accessible to all authorized people. One can check all information in real time, and even get automated reports readily available. All this and more, without any errors or wastage, makes VISUAL ERP manufacturing software a perfect business asset.

Value of VISUAL:

  • A reduced total cost of ownership
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Ultimate business transparency across all functions
  • Enhanced forecasting and planning
  • An end to end software suite for manufacturing businesses
  • Enhanced overall efficiency and accuracy
  • Minimization of wastes
  • Reduction in manual tasks and reporting

Thus, we can say that VISUAL provides a master database, a repository for functions such as data analytics, reports, and support to enable adhering to best practices and accurate strategic decision making. It’s a user-friendly application or a business solution for global supply chain and manufacturing visibility management.

Manufacturing companies, especially those that are involved in a lot of mergers or acquisitions, need this software. However, since ERP involves “change” in the way people do their work, it can intimidate many of them; at least initially. Choosing the right ERP software service provider is very critical. Choose a well-reputed vendor who is willing to go the extra mile in ensuring the smooth implementation of the software for your manufacturing business.
Our rich experience can help your manufacturing business make a smooth transition to a fully implemented ERP model. Get in touch with the Synergy Resources team to experience our customer support. ERP implementation with a proper plan requires dedication and commitment. Our ERP consultants can advise you best on a structured implementation plan.

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Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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