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Warding Off Digital Phantoms: Prevent Cyber Threats with Comprehensive Support

Warding Off Digital Phantoms: Prevent Cyber Threats with Comprehensive Support

In a world rife with stealthy cyber threats like malware and ransomware, the manufacturing sector, with its intricate web of processes and data, demands robust protection. Our solution? WM Synergy’s Apptrix cloud hosting solution, tailored for Infor VISUAL, acts as a formidable shield against these lurking menaces. Combined with WM Synergy Services Desk support, we help set up your organization with a bag full of digital treats, not tricks!

Echoes of Experience 

With nearly 35 years in the business, Apptrix stands as a testament to trust and reliability in the hosting domain. The WM Synergy Services Desk brings a deep bench of expertise, boasting a team of seasoned consultants adept at addressing complex system needs and optimizing operations. Our combined dedication ensures continuous, secure operations, stemming from robust infrastructure and deep software understanding.

Guardians of the Cyber Graveyard 

Retaining control and flexibility over your systems is vital. With Apptrix, you dictate updates and upgrades. The WM Synergy Services Desk team offers transparency, support request handling, a front-end Customer Portal, and a community approach to address all your day-to-day production issues and support needs.

Brewing Elixir of Efficiency 

Protection needn’t be expensive. Apptrix provides up to 50% savings on technology costs, covering both up front and backend expenses. WM Synergy’s Services Desk ensures you get tailored support without surprises, while our commitment to predictable spend levels lets you budget confidently. Experience premium resources without the premium price. Capitalize on our multi-million dollar infrastructure.

Spells of Security and Support 

Our AI-driven mechanisms promise real-time threat detection. Our top-tier data centers, featuring site-to-site VPN and data add-ons, stand guard against cyber threats. The WM Synergy Services Desk team offers comprehensive support, spanning both application functional and technical assistance to patch reviews and beyond.

Coven of Commitment 

Choose us for our proven track record, expertise, goal alignment, and transparent services. Navigate cyber challenges with clear costs—our fixed monthly fees ensure predictable expenses without skimping on quality.

Dare to Explore Further? 

Let us be your digital shield and guide. Dive deep and see how we provide unrivaled protection and support for your systems. Contact our customer care team with any questions.


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