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Why Should I Upgrade My Product Configurator?

Why Should I Upgrade My Product Configurator?

Many users are wondering: Should I upgrade my product configurator?

The answer: Yes! Whether you’re currently using an ancient configurator or in-house spreadsheets, it’s time to upgrade. Offering a robust & easy-to-use, solution for your dealers, sales reps, and customers will expand your product capabilities and increase your business growth.

A configurator with guided costing and quoting capabilities is no longer a luxury but a standard offering for manufacturers. Consumers have come to expect a quick and simple sales-cycle experience, even for customized and discrete products. With high expectations and limited time, automatically generating a quote document and sending it to a prospect in minutes vs. days will put you ahead of the competition. Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can do just that and more.

If your current configurator is not integrated with your CRM and/or ERP, you’re missing out on major benefits. When integrating your enterprise solutions, you connect your whole organization. Updates for product offerings, availability, and current pricing are automatically applied across all systems. Eliminating the need for manual order entry and drastically decreasing the number of errors during ordering & creating your product.

Infor CPQ standardly integrates with:

  • Infor Syteline (CSI)
  • Infor VISUAL ERP
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • XA

Lastly, upgrading your configurator will increase the ease of use for your designers, sales reps, dealers, and customers. Supporting a system that is simple enough for someone with no product knowledge to quickly configure and cost your complex products will expand all sales & dealer capabilities. Modern CPQ systems, like Infor CPQ, have a sales and dealer portal which allows users from outside your organization to view products and requests quotes from your company. Displaying products in 2D & 3D is also a common new feature in CPQ. This makes it so customers can view how the product would look in their facility/house and puts you one step ahead of the competition. Make it simple with an upgraded CPQ solution!

Looking to harness the power of a new configurator?

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