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Top VISUAL ERP Software Extensions Your Company Needs to be Successful

Top VISUAL ERP Software Extensions Your Company Needs to be Successful

A consumer has an extensive range of technical and application oriented product solutions to choose from when looking for ways of bolstering the already impressive attributes of their ERP software. These solutions, which are also known as ERP software extensions, provide incredible enhancements to handle industry or site specific requirements—no matter if your business is focused on automotive, consumer goods, metal fabrication, industrial equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, or a variety of other industries.

As a proven VISUAL ERP software provider, Synergy Resources has the solutions to help your business succeed. Our extensive list of ERP software extensions can solve for most any and all situations that should arise within a shop setting. The following is just a small sample of some of our top performing extensions to date:



An oft-overlooked feature of an ERP software extension is its user friendliness. Standards ERP reporting extensions are innately convoluted and can at times take hours, if not days, to master. For instance, linking tables into database schematics and then creating a report within a standard ERP system traditionally requires about 80 hours of training. Talk about inefficient.

With SmartViews, everything you needs is right in front of your face in real time. With one simple click of a mouse, you can see, analyze and track your company’s performance metrics and goals. This innovative ERP software extension can easily monitor penetration of raw and FG inventory levels, in real time, showing which parts have the greatest risk of stocking out. It’s proactive management at its best.

SmartViews is also a true game changer because it comes with pre-defined metrics that feature best in class reporting related to on-time delivery, supplier score cards, supplier metrics, slow moving inventory and many more. It allows you to see, analyze, and pro-actively make decisions across all areas of your business, based on these outputs.

If a report needs changing, traditional ERP software requires you to create a new report altogether. SmartViews enables you to slice and dice on screen, thereby foregoing the time it takes to create a new report. SmartViews can be installed into your existing ERP software in under an hour, meaning you and your production staff could be utilizing it the same day it’s installed.


Trial Kit

Companies with deep or expansive Bills of Material (BOM’s) must remain ever vigilant of their supplies so as to ensure production capabilities are never interrupted. Traditional ERP software, or MRP, simply shows you what you have in the shop, rather than what you need to have in the shop to complete every job. This can be extremely problematic, especially if the product you’re manufacturing includes multiple parts, or if you’re on a critical build schedule with a client you promised on-time delivery.

With Trial Kit, you can catch a shortage before it strikes. Outdated MRP software would normally require you to explode the BOM, and potential shortages are then reviewed on paper, away from the software. The idea behind Trial Kit is that it allows you to see a complete picture of the material available through the entire BOM for any of your products at a single glance.

Trial Kit allows you to do a trial run to see if in fact you have all the parts you need to complete a job. It will show you where your shortages are, and why the shortage occurred in the first place.

Don’t waste your time starting to build something and then figure out mid-job that you don’t have the parts you need. Trial Kit is about true material visibility and understanding resource capacity.


A&D Automated Forecast/Schedule Update Tool

Companies in the aerospace and defense industries—such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney—commonly force their ERP software demands on their suppliers. They’ll depend on these manufacturing companies to export the parts they need by a certain date by inputting their demands in an ERP portal. But in order to do this the supplier must download the information from the ERP portal—meaning each and every project involves a lengthy process just to identify the materials needed to complete the job. Imagine the time it takes for a supplier to complete this task when dealing with hundreds and hundreds of individual orders from different suppliers.

The A&D Automated Forecast/Schedule Update Tool allows your employees to save several hours per week managing all the pull-ins and push-outs of order releases. With the use of standardized files, users can easily update and import their customers’ order changes with the push of a button, rather than hours upon hours of manual importing. This tool will eliminate the worry of whether all updates are in VISUAL, and once the orders are updated, VISUAL will schedule the planning of material and capacity based on these changes.

Synergy provides a collection of proven VISUAL ERP Extensions and modules that extends the functionality of your VISUAL ERP system. All applications are fully supported and are continually being enhanced with feedback from our field staff and our customers. If you’re interested in improving the performance of your business, contact us today to see what Visual ERP can do for you.

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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