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Gain access to top IT expertise, reduce IT costs & increase operational efficiency

Synergy Resources has partnered with Ntiva to provide two new offers to our customers. Both managed services and hosting in the cloud help to take the burden of the more mundane IT / MIS (Management Information System) responsibilities off the shoulders of your valued employees, allowing them to focus on more critical business needs. We will help you ensure that your technology investments are secure, up-to-date, and optimized to serve your organization’s needs efficiently and effectively. Whether you need a fully outsourced IT department or co-managed services that supplement and support your in-house technology staff, we can tailor an approach that meets your organization’s unique needs. Contact us for more information.

icon Focus on Your Business

Focus on Your Business

Your company provides value by focusing on its unique strengths. Ntiva’s managed services frees you up to spend more time on your core business.

icon End-to-End Coverage

End-to-End Coverage

Ntiva’s experienced team of experts understands how all the pieces of your IT landscape fit together. They cover everything from desktop support to database administration, security, backup and recovery, network monitoring, and more.

icon 24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

With over three hundred IT experts available to assist you, Ntiva can provide flexible options to serve your needs, whenever they may arise.

icon Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Save money by reducing usage of your on-premise power consumption requirements. Eliminate concerns about local power outages that affect your company’s business operations. Have the peace of mind knowing that your company’s environment is protected.

<span>Trusted Experts</span>

Trusted Experts

Ntiva’s managed services offering ensures that the right expert is assigned to the critical tasks that are required to keep your systems running at peak efficiency. If there are gaps in your team’s skillset, or if your current IT staff is simply stretched too thin, managed services can take the pressure off and make sure the job gets done right.

<span>Increased Safety and Security</span>

Increased Safety and Security

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, but few organizations have the resources to effectively combat such threats. Ntiva’s dedicated security and disaster recovery experts ensure that software patches and updates are deployed on a timely basis, that reliable backup/recovery systems are in effect, and that your IT systems can be back up and running quickly when a major disaster occurs. Their network monitoring and optimization provides around-the-clock visibility to routers, firewalls, and switches.

<span>24/7/365 US-based Support</span>

24/7/365 US-based Support

Ntiva offers remote, on-site, and mobile support services (including for “bring your own device” scenarios). Their service desk is staffed with trained technicians (not call agents) who solve most problems on the spot. They also let you “self-triage” your problem, which means you can call in 24/7/365 for any problem—no matter how big or how small. Whether it’s a simple desktop issue or a complex troubleshooting process, Ntiva’s experts can help.

Does Your Company Need A Managed IT Service Provider?

How many of these benefits could help your organization right now?

icon Lower IT costs

Lower IT costs

With today’s global shortage of skilled IT workers, hiring and retaining in-house talent can be expensive. Switching to managed services is often easier and can dramatically reduce your direct IT spending.

icon More efficient operations

More efficient operations

In-house IT staff can become overwhelmed as your organization scales. A managed services partner will ensure your business is capturing maximum performance from your technology.

icon Better allocation of resources

Better allocation of resources

A managed service provider enables you to tap into higher levels of IT skill sets, so you can allocate your in-house IT resources more effectively—unlocking greater value across your organization.

icon Always up-to-date technology

Always up-to-date technology

System failures can cost small businesses between $75k and $250k per incident. Managed services will ensure your technology is always secure and running at optimal efficiency.

icon More consistent fee structure

More consistent fee structure

Managed services are typically billed as a fixed monthly amount, so you’ll see fewer budget surprises. As a result, you can plan for the future more effectively and confidently.

icon Greater focus on growth

Greater focus on growth

Delegating complex technology decisions to a trusted managed services provider enables you to concentrate on core competencies and take advantage of growth opportunities.